OWSI has drained one reservoir that had color issues and has located the source of the color issues. The majority of colored water has been flushed from the system. Please contact OWSI if you are still experiencing any color in your water.

What was first thought to be a faulty valve was not the case. Upon further investigation a chemical feed pump was over dosing. A power cycle on the feed pump caused a setting change that did not signal the pump to stop when the well was not running. OWSI is in the process of updating procedures to prevent this type of event to happen in the future.

OWSI does not recommend drinking any water that has color in it. This is a reminder that an emergency supply of 1 gallon of water per person per day for at least three days is recommended.

OWSI is analyzing this situation and using it as a learning tool to not only prevent future events but also to provide information on response and investigation.