OWSI has concluded the majority of the flushing for the area affected by the potassium permanganate dosing event of last weekend.  Please call 360-301-3217 to reach Jason White, OWSI Operations Supervisor, if you are still experiencing any color.  If necessary, please leave a brief message and include your address.

If you experience this after 3 p.m. please call our answering service at 877-826-8349 and they will contact our on call technician.

We have conducted field tests and have found that the manganese level in the distribution system is now at 0.065 mg/l.  Manganese tests indicate levels of potassium permanganate in the water.  The secondary drinking water standard for manganese is 0.05.  Secondary standards are set for contaminants that are not a health issue but are aesthetic considerations.  We have also sent samples to an accredited laboratory, Spectra Lab, to confirm the results.

We have been in contact with the Washington Department of Health and are currently awaiting their guidance on any next steps that we need to take.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.