PORT LUDLOW, WA – Olympic Water & Sewer, Inc. (OWSI) and HDR were recently awarded the 2022 Excellence in Engineering Best Small Works Project for their Groundwater Chlorination and Filtration Facilities. This honor was bestowed from the Engineering Committee of the Pacific Northwest Section of American Water Works Association (PNWS-AWWA).

Three categories were awarded including: Engineering Planning, Small Projects (<$5M construction) and Large Projects with judges focusing on projects that incorporated innovate technology, overcame difficult challenges, included sustainable elements, and considered system resilience.

“It was a pleasure to partner with HDR and JMG Constructors to design and construct this project,” stated Diana Smeland, President of OWSI.  “Their expertise along with our OWSI personnel, allowed the facility to be completed efficiently and within the required two year timeline.”

The award-winning Chlorination and Filtration Facility was completed in late 2021 and resolves previous water quality issues for the system that supplies water to the Port Ludlow community.

Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc. will hold community tours of the new facility, located at 1306 Teal Lake Road on Monday, July 18, 2022 from noon to 3pm.