Dear OWSI Sewer Customer,

Olympic Water and Sewer Inc. (OWSI) provides water and sewer service to the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR).  OWSI has been providing this service under this name since 1999.

Due to the reasons below, OWSI is raising its sewer user fee 7.5% adding $8.32 to each bi monthly bill. You will see this increase on the August 2022 bill. 

The process of moving and treating raw sewage is extremely corrosive on metal and concrete. Maintaining facilities both above and below the ground requires continual effort. Over the last year many factors have increased our costs:

  • Inflation is elevating the costs of doing business dramatically.
  • The cost of maintenance is influenced by the supply and demand of materials.
  • Fuel prices have increased the costs of chemicals used and OWSI transportation costs.
  • Skilled labor, wage, and benefit costs

Due to the age of the wastewater treatment facility, advances in sewage treatment technology, and possible upcoming discharge regulations relating to nitrogen removal OWSI has started looking at upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.  Nitrogen discharge into the Puget Sound has been found to be an environmental impact. Too much nitrogen fuels excessive marine algae growth. When the algae dies and decomposes, oxygen is consumed. Marine life relies on oxygen to survive and OWSI is committed to reducing nitrogen discharge with this wastewater plant project.

The wastewater industry like many others is experiencing the effects of many experienced operators either retiring or looking to other industries to work in. Wages and benefits are increasing industry wide. OWSI is committed to retaining qualified operators but to do that we must offer competitive wages.

The following table shows the new rates compared to surrounding utilities sewer user fees. Some rates are dependent on the amount of water used. The average annual bi monthly usage for the OWSI user group is 8280 gallons or 1107 cubic feet. We used that amount to calculate surrounding municipality’s sewer rates when they based their charges off water usage.

Monthly Bimonthly
Port Angeles $111.31 $222.62
Sequim $59.38 $118.76
Sunland Water $78.08 $156.16
Port Townsend $87.51 $175.02
Kitsap County $88.27 $176.54
OWSI $59.62 $119.24

OWSI Sewer Fee New Rate – $119.24
OWSI Sewer Fee Old Rate Bi-Monthly – $ 110.92

Commercial overage charge for each cubic foot over 1200 cubic foot in a billing period has remained $ .073.

Please feel free to contact us with questions. You may email us at or write to us at 70 Breaker Lane, Port Ludlow, WA 98365.  Our voice message number is (360) 437-8349. That number is checked daily during regular office hours of 10 am– 3 pm Monday through Friday.

****After hours Emergency answering service 1-877-826-5787****

 A reminder that you can pay your bill online by credit card or e-check.  Service charges will apply but many customers have found it to be a convenient alternative.  Even if you choose not to pay through this site you may, at no charge, set up a profile and view your account history.  Please visit for information.  This site also offers an option to have your bills emailed to you.  Another payment option is using the bill-pay service through your bank.


Greg Rae