It is time for the annual testing of your backflow assemblies.  Olympic Water and Sewer Inc. (OWSI) is required by Washington Administrative Code (WAC 246-290-490) to ensure that all backflow assemblies connected to the water system are tested annually. Schedule NO. 8, Condition 6 of our tariff requires test results be submitted to OWSI by June 1, 2024. You will need to hire a certified backflow assembly tester (B.A.T.) to test your assembly. When the B.A.T. completes the test the B.A.T. will need to:

  1. Give you a test report
  2. Send a copy of the test report to Olympic Water and Sewer Inc. at 781 Walker Way Port Ludlow, WA 98365 or and

 If OWSI does not receive a report for your assembly by June 1, 2024 we will contact you by letter. The letter will be a reminder that the testing is past due. OWSI does not warranty work performed by any tester on the list.  This is not a complete list of certified testers but rather a list of testers that have provided documentation that their certification is current.  If a tester not on this list conducts a test for you, please have them send the appropriate documentation verifying their certification and the calibration of their test equipment to OWSI. If they are not current on their certification the test is not considered valid.

If the assembly does not meet proper test requirements, please have the assembly repaired and retested by a tester certified by the State of Washington. Upon completion of the retest the tester should provide you with a copy of the test form and send a copy to OWSI.  Test forms are due to be submitted to OWSI at the above address. Testing is required to be completed by June 1, 2024.

The testing of backflow assemblies is an important element in ensuring a safe potable water supply for our customers. If you have questions or if we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact OWSI at 360.437.7898.  Our office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Jason White
Cross Connection Control Program Manager